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Sound Design

Impeccable soundtracks and sound effects. We create complete and immersive sound experiences with our diverse sound design team.

Music and Scoring

We create complete and captivating soundtracks for audiovisual and interactive projects.

Music Supervision

We have a Music Supervision department that is responsible for selecting and licencing music for audiovisual projects and coordinating production teams.

Sound Editing

Creative sound editors with diverse backgrounds in mixing and sound design. We mix recorded dialogues, sound effects and music to create the final version of a soundtrack.


Used to re-voice dialogues in movies. Our team of sound editors will help on guiding and getting a professional result on ADR services.

Voice Recording / Voice Over

Besides our ADR service we provide services focused on voice over, narration and voice recording in general. 

Re-recording mixing

Our studios are equipped with advanced sound mixing / recording equipment for immersive sound experiences. We have a Dobly Atmos ATMOS, 2.0, and 5.1 studio  for VOD, TV, and Cinema.


Foley consists in the recreation of complementary sound effects in a movie.

We work with a  talented and renowned team of foley artists.

VR and augmented reality / 360°

We create original and immersive experiences for VR and augmented reality projects. Keeping up with what's new in the audiovisual and technology industry.



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